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Who is young joc dating

She confessed in the clip that Joc was full of apologies and that the two of them were able to do a little making up.

Hey @joclive.” As for whether they are still hanging out, neither Karlie nor Joc has come forward with any recent confessions.

That’s when she went off and locked herself in the bathroom.

As for Yung Joc, Karlie Redd took to Instagram to confirm that she was friendly with the “Coffee Shop” rapper again.

Jessica Dime, who is also on the interview panel at the time, also seems a little shocked by her friend’s confession.

Considering that the Season 5 reunion special filmed at the end of June, it’s possible that the romance between Karlie Redd and Yung Joc may have already fizzled out again.

That would make sense since Karlie recently made headlines for an altercation in an Atlanta hotel with another rapper/promoter who goes by Pharaoh.

recently reported that Karlie was slapped with a restraining order after she allegedly locked herself in a hotel bathroom and threatened to flush her new lover’s belongings down the toilet.

Apparently, none of that mattered when it came down to the wire and the stars start jockeying for a role on the upcoming season of the VH1 reality show.