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Others interested in finding out about SAA may attend ‘“open’” meetings.

Note: If you are a sex addict, or think you may be one, you are welcome to attend a meeting designated as Closed. Walk down Soquel Dr, turn right into church driveway. Sacramento Shame to Grace [Closed/Mixed] Arden Christian Church • 4300 Las Cruces Way (Off of Eastern 2 blocks south of Arden corner of Eastern and Las Cruces), Sacramento, CA 95864 • map Contact info [email protected] Computer SAA Meeting Thursday [Closed/Mixed] Meeting name: SAA e Host.

“Sexual assault” for the purposes of this article does not include voluntary conduct in violation of Section 286, 288a, or 289,(3) Intrusion by one person into the genitals or anal opening of another person, including the use of an object for this purpose, except that, it does not include acts performed for a valid medical purpose.(4) The intentional touching of the genitals or intimate parts, including the breasts, genital area, groin, inner thighs, and buttocks, or the clothing covering them, of a child, or of the perpetrator by a child, for purposes of sexual arousal or gratification, except that it does not include acts which may reasonably be construed to be normal caretaker responsibilities; interactions with, or demonstrations of affection for, the child; or acts performed for a valid medical purpose.(1) Conduct involving matter depicting a minor engaged in obscene acts in violation of Section 311.2 (preparing, selling, or distributing obscene matter) or subdivision (a) of Section 311.4 (employment of a minor to perform obscene acts).(2) A person who knowingly promotes, aids, or assists, employs, uses, persuades, induces, or coerces a child, or a person responsible for a child’s welfare, who knowingly permits or encourages a child to engage in, or assist others to engage in, prostitution or a live performance involving obscene sexual conduct, or to either pose or model alone or with others for purposes of preparing a film, photograph, negative, slide, drawing, painting, or other pictorial depiction, involving obscene sexual conduct.

For the purpose of this section, “person responsible for a child’s welfare” means a parent, guardian, foster parent, or a licensed administrator or employee of a public or private residential home, residential school, or other residential institution.(3) A person who depicts a child in, or who knowingly develops, duplicates, prints, downloads, streams, accesses through any electronic or digital media, or exchanges, a film, photograph, videotape, video recording, negative, or slide in which a child is engaged in an act of obscene sexual conduct, except for those activities by law enforcement and prosecution agencies and other persons described in subdivisions (c) and (e) of Section 311.3.

The fourth area code for Houston and nearby surrounding cities and counties will overlay existing area codes 713, 281 and 832 in Harris, Fort Bend, Waller, Austin, Montgomery, San Jacinto, Liberty, Chambers, Galveston, and Brazoria counties.

Based upon projections that there will be no more numbers available to assign to the 713, 281, and 832 area codes by Sept.

30, the North American Number Planning Administrator assigned the 346 area code.

The 346 area code will not require any reprogramming changes to existing equipment because an area code overlay with 10-digit dialing for local calls already exists in the affected area, according to a statement released by the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

With the subtropical climate and proximity to the Gulf, the region is once again blessed with rainfall after a scorching drought. The region’s three existing area codes have almost been totally exhausted, and it’s time to expand.