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Pretty pretty pleas

When I jumped on my blog this morning I was appalled to see that I haven’t written anything in over a month. I get up every single day at 5 am to read scriptures and write in my journal and I am absolutely convinced it’s the fuel that is keeping me going.

The song appeared on the second volume of the Sex and the City: The Movie soundtrack as well as in the 2009 film Bride Wars.

Estelle performed the song on Al Murray's Happy Hour on 19 September 2008.

We wouldn't blame anyone who raises an eyebrow on first hearing the words "canned bacon." Our initial reaction was the same. It's sold by weight, but the strip-count runs around 45-52 slices per can.

" Each can contains nine ounces of crisp, flavorful, good-looking bacon.

Take it camping, take it to your cabin, take it to your duck blind, or take it along for your commute.

Heat it in a pan or microwave or eat it right out of the can at the ball game. "Wow, this is the best, best bacon we have ever eaten.

I’m planning the Europe trip for the Spring, the Harvest Festival, the German Christmas Market, helping students work on Project Based Learning, teaching ukulele to my study hall kids 6th hour…so many fingers in so many pies. Get up everyday at 5 am and see what the Lord wants you to learn about in the scriptures.

Journal it, write about it, take time for communication with the Holy Ghost first and whatever else happens during the day, no big deal.

Only dreams of goodness and sweetness and puppies and candy and babies and mommies and teddy bears with cute clothes and cake and happiness, lots of happiness, and dresses and playing with nice friends and flowers and pretty stuff…or just no dreams, please please pretty PRETTY please with sprinkles on top let me have no dreams…” She takes her praying so seriously at night, I am half tempted to secretly record one of these prayers because they are possibly the most intense prayers I have ever heard.

I can’t decide if it would be sacrilegious or not, they don’t belong to me.

The video for the song does not contain an appearance from guest vocalist Cee-Lo Green, however, his vocals in the song are retained.