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The organization Children’s Institute International conducted a study on the childhood victims from the Mc Martin school, and two other Manhattan Beach daycares.

Children say that the adults sometimes dressed in black robes, formed a circle around them and chanted.

They are also employed as a means to blackmail potential threats to the power elite.

The Emporer’s Club, a Mossad run operation that brought down New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, is a more recent example of the use of sex to control our leaders, and to purge them when it is deemed necessary. Greenberg, is a prominent child abuse psychiatric consultant who designed a psychological profile to identify the personality characteristics of abused children.

Due to procedural matters, and the peculiar deaths (or framed suicides) of ace witnesses, the trial ended with no convictions. The older witnesses were not allowed to testify at the Mc Martin trials, due to statute of limitations issues.

Many of the younger witnesses were unable to offer testimony because they were too severely traumatized.

MONARCH programming was a government funded mind control experiment included under the larger CIA operation MKULTRA.

Operation Monarch involved using severe electro-shock trauma, sexual abuse, and other sadistic methods designed to split the subject’s mind into alternate personalities.

The “Wolfman” turned up dead on the eve of his trial, allegedly of a drug overdose.