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Religious festivals, theatre and athletic contests took place here too. The Ancient Agora's Stoa of Attalos is the only renovated building from antiquity and hosts a museum full of interesting antiquities.

Even in the stone age (Neolithic period), millennia before the Parthenon was built, the Acropolis represented a military fortress, thanks to its strategic vantage point over land and sea.

Near the field lies the monument and tomb of the 192 Athenian soldiers who were killed in battle.

On the other side of the road 5km away is the grave of the Plataians, also allies of the Athenians in battle.

A smaller temple of Athena lies 400 meters away, built around 600-550 BC.

Archaeologists thought that Thisseus was buried here, but turns out it was Hephaestus. Lying within the Roman Agora, this monument is also known as the horlogeion, meaning water clock.

Nearby is the Odeion of Herod Atticus, another theatre used today for events.

This is where ancient Greeks worshipped Poseidon, god of the sea. It was built in the Golden Age of Pericles on the ruins of another temple.

Right in front of the attractive neoclassical National Bank of Greece building, this site which lies just beyond the ancient city walls reveals three streets and a cemetery dating from the 9th century BC until the third century AD.

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