Start 160 insiders online dating guide limited edition

160 insiders online dating guide limited edition

Holly Noel writes: My first sewing machine was a $99.00 Singer that my mother bought me.

Your Singer Story Countless sewers have similar stories. In celebration of their monumental 160th anniversary, Singer has launched a special site for you to share your "Singer story." Hundreds of sewers have already shared their stories of inspiration and creativity.

As an added bonus, when you share your story, you'll be entered to win a new Singer 160 Limited Edition machine coming out in January 2012.

My Singer Story When I was a very little girl I remember going to visit my great aunt.

Once you crossed the threshold of her home you entered into another world.

A vintage Singer treadle sewing machine (which I believe she still sewed on, though I never witnessed this mysterious event).

I'd sneak into her room, sit on her bed, and simply stare at this mesmerizing machine.

(How I wish I still had it, but I gave it to a stepsister when I got a newer Kenmore and she needed a sewing machine.) I sewed very happily away on it until one day it just froze up. My mother,not wanting to disappoint her new husband read books and patterns and made clothes for me. 12 years later I learned from her how to sew on that same machine.

My father wanted to get my mother a new machine so he traded in that 221 for a new machine.

I'd dream up all the wonderful things that must have been created using this device.

Years later, I'm still fascinated by everything sewing and I credit that old treadle machine for inspiring an interest that led to a career.

We had the first picture of Tailor bird and the sewing machine that was displayed in ! The machine that was on display was the brain wave of Singer. My god the world will be clad in rags or clothes wrapped around ?? I am an ardent follower of sewing and crafts designs in Net.