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Who is gev manoukian dating

Moderator: Shirley Halperin, Music Editor, The Hollywood Reporter Panelists: Didi Benami – Season 9 Michael Lynche – Season 9 Paige Miles – Season 9 Katie Stevens – Season 9 Tim Urban – Season 9 Produced by: Reality Rocks Expo 21 Year Salute to Vin Di Bona and America’s Funniest Home Videos - pm • 511ABC For 21 years you’ve welcomed “America’s Funniest Home Videos” into your living room.

Auditions through @Reality Rocks on Twitter #Shark Tank Daymond John: @The Shark Daymond Mark Cuban: @MCuban Sam Rubin: @samontv Moderator: Shira Lazar Panelists: Kassem G - You Tube - "The Station" Lisa Nova - You Tube - "The Station" The History of Bunim/Murray Productions pm - pm • 515B A salute to Jonathan Murray, creator of pioneer programming such as The Real World, The Simple Life, Road Rules and The Bad Girls Club and producer of Project Runway, Keeping Up with the Kardashians and a whole lot more.

Reality Programming for Collectors: It’s About the Stuff am - pm • 515A Find out and hear directly from the experts themselves.

These panelists will discuss antiques, collectibles and second-hand businesses represented by programs including: “Antiques Roadshow”, “Storage Wars” and “Hollywood Treasures” along with taking questions from the fans.

Don’t miss this intimate opportunity to go down memory lane with them as they share some of their favorite videos. Produced by: Vin Di Bona Productions Reality TV Changed My Life I - pm • 515A Moderated by: Laurie D.

Mus low - It’s All Good Entertainment & AndrÉ Barnwell - Saw The Elephant Entertainment Panelists: Marilin Archie – “She’s Got The Look” Season 3 Winner Gretchen Bonaduce - “Breaking Bonaduce” and “Gimme My Reality Show!

Drew PERFORMANCE - Robert Roldan - So You Think You Can Dance Season 7 finalist Sam Rubin – KTLA “Morning News” and Reelz Channel’s “Hollywood Uncensored” PERFORMANCE – Keaton Simons Sinbad Allison Smith – The Amazing Race 16 Bianca Smith – The Amazing Race 7 Katie Stevens - American Idol - Season 9 Steve & Josie Stevens - Married to Rock Dr.

am - pm • 515B Moderator: Jenelle Riley, Film & TV Editor, Back Stage Magazine Since October 2004, viewers have flocked to Syfy on Wednesday nights to catch the latest hair-raising cases of The Atlantic Paranormal Society on “Ghost Hunters”!

You are invited to “pitch” your idea live In 140 characters or less and present your original business idea in the form of a “Twitter Pitch.” The lucky few chosen to present their novel idea in a public forum will gain immediate feedback from the hit show’s most approachable stars while the several hundred fans in the audience learn how using social media networking strategically can make or break their business.