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Who is jay alexander dating

Alexander's unique work ethics include a passion for modelettes, and the ability to easily improve elegance and movement on the runway.

I just love being on the catwalk and wearing great things, and looking wonderful and feeling fabulous.

And having a little bit of confidence is very important.

In Gangsta, Gangsta, Alex makes her first appearance as the girlfriend of Jay, as the two arrive to school together and kiss in the parking lot.

She laughs as Jay mocks Toby Isaacs, and the two later rob a vending machine with Towerz, another member of their gang.

After Rick ties the score with the rival quiz team for Degrassi, Jay and Alex are sitting next to each other in the audience and are clapping.

Jay tells Spinner that the best part about dating the school's student vice-president, Alex, is that no one asks questions.

When Marco tries to get Alex to fight fair by not mentioning his sexuality in her speech, Jay tells Marco to "save it for Ms. In Mercy Street, Alex and Jay are at The Dot together.