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Bdd dating site

Studies suggest that people with BDD are rarely satisfied by a cosmetic procedure and their symptoms of BDD frequently persist.

It can be upsetting, confusing or infuriating that the person you care about persists in seeing themselves as ugly no matter what you tell them.

I know a lot of ppl say they are obsessed with mirrors and what not, but I am not. I have also battled with binge eating/anorexia/bulimia as well, causing me to lose a lot of weight then gain it all back.

I HATE my reflection, I try to stay away from it at all costs! I believe this only adds to my self-hatred because I feel as if I can never reach my goal weight.

If i did i would feel like I would explode in them. I wish I had smaller boobs, smaller hips, slimmer thighs, and a flat stomach. I feel as if I will never get married or have a serious boyfriend because I'm not pretty enough.

Thats why i find it so confusing when I hear about people with BDD, who have relationships. I secretly fear that I will be ugly, and alone...........always.

Encourage your relative with BDD to seek professional help with therapy or medication if they need it.

Support them in either or both routes, and do everything you can to help them change.

You should also reach out to others for help and guidance on how to help someone with BDD so you are not doing this alone.