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CHECKPOINT #1 , this writer is of the opinion that you won’t have a large enough audience watching your services to justify the price – even if you do have the money to spend.

But if you’re in the game of sacrificing quality for cost, why not just throw a teenager on stage to preach the sermon every week? I wanted to make sure I had my numbers right, so I contacted several other media directors and their estimates exceeded even my price point.

One of them said that with just a couple of upgrades here and there, the final price could easily be closer to one hundred thousand dollars. At its absolute lowest point, $5,000 is a big chunk of money to spend.

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The most important question you need to answer is: why are we doing this? CHECKPOINT #3 YES: Move to Solution #1 NO: Move to Solution #2 If you’ve made it here to solution #1, you’ve successfully made it through each of the 3 checkpoints.

You are one of the few churches that would benefit from video-recording your services.

Here’s a thought…if you really want to broadcast your pastor’s message to the world, have him or her jump on Facebook Live or Periscope each week and preach live for 20 minutes.

By doing this, your pastor can preach directly to the online audience (instead of simply rebroadcasting a message) and it will only take 20-30 minutes of the church’s overall time.

We offer multiple cam chat rooms using alternate technology, so users can also select the best chat room and the webcam format they like from numerous platforms.

Our unique integration of free chat and social profiles allows registered chatters to interact and share pictures and messages without even needing to be in the chat rooms.

And even if you have a talented team and all the right resources, it’s likely that you don’t have an audience large enough to watch your live stream every week. You need an viable audience that makes it all worthwhile.