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However it is also possible to use other zip formats as long as the hierarchy (folder) structure is preserved.

Gerber Files - these are actually "CNC" files which drive a photoplotter which creates the film used to expose each conductor layer in the board.

There is also a Gerber file needed for other processes such as solder masks on top and bottom, paste masks and silk screens.

ODB is not a single "file" except when transmitting it from one place to another.

The component "library" is located in the EDA directory (as data) and the component placements are in the layer section: comp_ _top for the components on the top side and comp_ _bot for the components on the bottom side.

stackup - the stackup is generally a print or written description of the board material, thickness, interposer and order. IPC-D-356 - esentially an electrical database of connections needed for testing the completed board.

It is a very old format with a couple of variations and contains net names, test points and pins.

The great majority of PCB design software (layout) can output a valid and correct ODB file.