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This is very worrying as it shows how cyber bullying is on the increase.

Unfortunately, there is bullying on Snapchat in the form of screenshots, sending pics without permission, negative comments and more.

This may prompt any of these sites and apps to take action as you have shown them their obligation to investigate and take appropriate action.

Facebook does not tolerate bullying and say they will remove bullying content when they become aware of it and may disable the account of anyone who bullies or attacks another.

To flag a video you think is inappropriate (click on the little flag bottom right of the video) and You Tube will take a look at it to see whether it breaks their terms of use. You Tube rules say you can't upload videos with hate content, nudity or graphic violence and if you find one on someone else's space, click on the video to flag it as inappropriate.

If under comments, you are being bullied, harassed or threats are being made, they have a reporting tool page where you can report the bullying and they will investigate.

However, if it continues or it has gotten worse, you can use their in-app reporting tool.

This page has details on how to report the abuse directly to them.

So don't forget to log off when you've finished the session. On Twitter you can choose to protect your tweets so that people can only follow you if you approve them first.