Start Dating site landing page design

Dating site landing page design

Three seconds to make an impression before they hit “Back” in their browser.

40% of web users will leave a page if it takes more than three seconds to load.

But they’re not just waiting for a page to load — they’re waiting for you to get to the point.

They look fake, and there are good odds that a visitor could’ve seen the photo elsewhere before.

That’s a deal-breaker if you’re trying to seem unique (or even credible).

What’s perhaps more interesting is that these are all , and each photo has been edited to have a crisp white backdrop and a slightly blue tint, which contrasts against the pink form.

The results speak for themselves: a 38% increase in signups, and a whopping 304% increase in paying customers, proving that this page did its job in attracting the exact right kind of customer.

Combined, these two elements are persuasive and make it feel easy to get started. In particular, Talia slammed for their poor use of photography.