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Who is maggie q dating now

That means everything." The actress -- who is currently in production on the dark comedy -- was honored by PETA with a humanitarian award at Wednesday's event and opened up to ET about what the animal rights organization means to her. "PETA was the actual group that changed my whole image about what it meant -- preservation, rights, defense of animals -- it means a lot for me to be here tonight." WATCH: Shailene Woodley & Theo James Tackle ' The Wall' in ' Allegiant' The organization sometimes comes under fire for their aggressive tactics, but Q told ET that they're doing important work.

Maggie Q previously dated Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu, her co-star in 2002 action thriller Naked Weapon.

In The CW’s “Nikita,” Maggie Q gets herself in and out of dangerous situations, and the actress has sustained a few bumps, bruises – and breaks – on set.

Maggie recently got braces off of her first and middle finger, which were hurt recently.

“I broke these two fingers,” she said, pointing to her swollen digits.

The pair haven't been dating all that long, but Maggie and Dylan are reportedly ready to commit.

The couple kept their relationship a secret in the beginning but they've been making even more public appearances of late.

"That, to me, means everything tonight." WATCH: Celebrity Summer Wedding Watch: Who's Getting Hitched?

Maggie was born as Margaret Denise Quigley on May 22, 1979 in Honolulu, Hawaii, U. She could not study in a university even after getting a scholarship because she came from a poor financial background.

Sources tell us he’s engaged to his co-star Maggie Q after dating for a few months.

The two had kept their relationship under wraps after first being spotted together last fall in LA.

According to sources, the couple were dating a few months before Q debuted an engagement ring Sunday at Golden Globes after-parties.