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Formally, this means that the Euclidean norm of any vector is bounded by its 1-norm: "norm" by David Donoho — whose quotation marks warn that this function is not a proper norm — is the number of non-zero entries of the vector x.

The space of sequences has a natural vector space structure by applying addition and scalar multiplication coordinate by coordinate.

Explicitly, the vector sum and the scalar action for infinite sequences of real (or complex) numbers are given by: space is obtained — as seen below — by considering vectors, not only with finitely or countably-infinitely many components, but with "arbitrarily many components"; in other words, functions.

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Defining This is not a norm because it is not homogeneous.

Despite these defects as a mathematical norm, the non-zero counting "norm" has uses in scientific computing, information theory, and statistics – notably in compressed sensing in signal processing and computational harmonic analysis.

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