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Azuba liquidating trust

Decide for yourself whether to tackle Expo 2005 with our comprehensive (and honest) guide 577: The Road to Ruin Residents of Shimokitazawa fight plans to build a highway through their town 576: Back on Course After losing its groove in the economic downturn, Japanese golf is scrambling back 575: Idol Worship The whiz kid behind ’90s house icons Deee-lite is back with his first solo disc in six years 574: The Eagles Take Flight The first foreign general manager of a Japanese baseball team, Marty Kuehnert says he’s confident he can make the new team fly 573: The Writes of Spring Haiku offer the clearest understanding of the undying appeal of the cherry blossoms 572: Seekers of Supreme Truths Ten years after the gas attacks, Japan struggles with old memories and new religions 571: Spring Forward!

Nows your chance 652: Doggy style A decade ago, Tokyo canines were lonely sentinels chained up outside.

today, a dogs life is one of Tinkerbellesque luxury 651: The China Syndrome As politicians wrangle, Japanese living in China are making money and building friendships 650: In The Mix Networking websites give the bashful new opportunities for social interaction 649: Noh Way A new season of Japans oldest theatrical art form starts this month 648: Wonder boy From a troubled youth in Los Angeles to sold-out arenas in Japan, Cyril is enjoying a magical ride 647: Lights, camera, gaijin Famous foreigners spill the beans ABOUT working in Japanese TV 646: No heels, no life Girl tribes create fashion anarchy in the urban jungle of Shibuya 645: Local Hero Foreign-born parliamentarian Marutei Tsurunen turns heads in nagatacho. 644: Southern Exposure What happens when you travel from the busiest city on the planet to the remotest spot on earth?

598: Blueprint for Living A postmodern development in Chiba is beautiful to look at. 597: Inside the Box They spend their lives taking care of drunks, criminals and tourists. 596: The Film Files Donald Richie, the worldwide authority on Japanese film, shares his movie memories 595: Sea Worthy Minoru Saito’s seventh around-the-world voyage may have been his last, but the 71-year-old isn’t about to abandon the open water 594: In Search of the Rising Sun Sixty years after the end of World War II, Tokyo still has places that evoke that tumultuous era 593: Art is All Around Enough with overcrowded galleries!

Get a different kind of art attack in the city’s free public space 592: What are you staring at? Seven international enthusiasts explain what it’s all about 591: River Chronicles Every July, Tokyo celebrates summer with dazzling fireworks along its most famous river.

Be part of the action at the 18th Tokyo International Film Festival 603: Kafu's City The haunts of Tokyo's most famous scribe may have gone, but their spirits remain 602: Big city nights Asia's most happening city is just across the water, So what are you waiting for?

Find out what all the fuss is about 601: Let’s Get Trivial!

But is this really the end of the iconic green monster?

557: Perfect getaways From cross-country skiing to traditional culture, winter in Japan offers a wealth of reasons to venture outside the capital city 556: Rock of ages Elvis schoolmate, former Yankees shortstop, protegé of mafia don Joe Colombo—rocker Jimmy Angel’s colorful life shows no signs letting up 555: Art explosion Japan’s largest art event, Design Festa, marks its tenth anniversary 554: The bait and the catch An ex-sushi chef lives in hiding, while dishing out details of the private life of his onetime boss, North Korea’s Kim Jong Il 553: Watercolors The horror writer of Ringu fame paints the tale of a riveting performance by a Tokyo theatrical troupe 552: Well read Japan takes center stage as Metropolis rounds up recent fiction set in the Land of the Rising Sun 551: Reality check Hardcore punk rocker turned Zen master Brad Warner leads a journey of self-discovery 550: Life lessons From permanent residency to private schooling, our expert panel tells you how to make the most of out of living in Tokyo 549: Journey Into Imagination Explore the creative minds of contemporary designers with a guided tour of Tokyo’s upcoming design extravaganzas 548: State of play Japan’s top video-game makers try to dig themselves out of a slump with new titles debuting at this weekend’s Tokyo Game Show 547: Let the games begin—again There’s no shortage of options for pro sports fans when it comes to taking in a contest in Japan 546: Fish stories A Harvard academic and anthropologist casts his net around Tsukiji, “the fish market at the center of the world.” 545: Flash back Tokyo designers look to the past for this season's fashion trends 544: Unsung heroes In a profit-driven economy dominated by mechanization, mass production and cheap foreign labor, a handful of Kyoto artisans keep the traditional art of craftsmanship alive 543: Law and order Tougher cops, late-night curfews and surveillance cameras.

One photographer found outand took his diary with him 643: The Meaning of LOHAS The pioneer behind Japans sustainable lifestyles craze goes back to basics 642: Nights to Remember Taste the good life at ten unique Tokyo hotels 641: SONY at 60 Will Japans most famous company get a new lease on life, or early retirement?

640: Turning Japanese For better or for worse, pop stars everywhere have got something to say about Japan 639: Lifes a Beach Here comes the sun, so get ready to strip off, oil up and catch some rays 638: You Go, GIRLS!

But theres more to sport than blood and brawn 606: Home Truths Purchasing property here isnt easy, but theres never been a better time to try.