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On speed dating skinny minny

As usual, the Bang Trio moan and groan over the magistrate’s interference, desperately wishing he’d keep his nose out of everything.

The dead woman’s daughter tearfully thanks Eun-oh for finding her mother; at least now she can pay her the proper memorial rites.

Arang remembers how the servant had been crying over Seo-rim’s corpse, and tells Eun-oh so. My sadness was too great, I must not have been able to see hers.

He heads to another cabin in the woods, where Mu-yeon has relocated now that her dungeon has been discovered. She acts like he’s the irrational one for asking: “Why did I do what? She says if she’d known how weak-hearted he’d be, she would never have taken him in.

He asks if she remembers Seo-rim, since he doesn’t even recall her face. Quivering in fear, Joo-wal begs, “Save me.” Mu-yeon offers to erase his memory again, as much as necessary.

He looks like a heartbreakingly lost puppy as he asks, fearfully, “Did I kill her? You did.” She describes the night it happened: Seo-rim followed him to the murder shack and saw everything, so she had to die. Tears spill from his eyes, and she figures it’s because the girl was almost his wife. She performs the deed, and visibly his shuddering eases. ” After he leaves, she decides that it’s not yet time to reveal that Arang is Seo-rim—she’ll wait for “a more useful moment.” Oof.

She chides him for digging up old memories: “Why do you think I always erase your memories of murdering? Now, Joo-wal asks why Seo-rim followed him that night. Just thinking about how that’ll break him makes me feel for that moment.

He starts directing the men in earnest, but they ignore him. It’s indeed the maid, and Arang follows him to take a look.

He urges her not to see, reminding her of how he tried to block her from seeing her own dead body.

Hades chuckles like a petty little schoolboy, crowing that there are things even the Jade Emperor doesn’t know, despite his know-it-all attitude.

I enjoy his reaction, because really, this is the thing you’re fixating on? ‘Cause there’s a whole heaven-earth devastation on the line…

The Jade Emperor taught Eun-oh to fight ghosts, sent Arang back as human, and supplied the hairpin that brought the two of them together.

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