Start Is timing a big deal for guys and dating

Is timing a big deal for guys and dating

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So given all that we have to go through just to be the beautiful, heavenly creatures that we are, I think it's only fair for men to pay for dinner, and for us to graciously and gratefully accept with a demure, sweet smile that completely belies any and all of the above.

lately I have been thinking if me and my bf should brake up or keep struggling.

looks like: If I know I have a date at night, all prep begins in the morning.

), mood swings that put regular PMS to bitter shame—and yes, vaginal dryness—barely scratch the surface of what we endure for YOU.

If I'm being honest, this is the most underappreciated and under-estimated thing when it comes to dating and relationships.

From a $30 mani/pedi to hitting the gym for over $100 a month, it costs a small fortune for us to look as good as we do.

Now, not all women spend this much on their beauty regimens, but many do, and those with more money, spend a ton more than this! It's almost as if our bodies have become weird science experiments solely designed for giving and maintaining life, making us feel completely alienated from ourselves in a deeply disorienting way.