Start Consolidating email accounts iphone

Consolidating email accounts iphone

For many, having all of their email messages coming through one account will mean overload.

Related Side Note: If you were previously using this trick or just use the imap.method to get your mail and have been having problems connecting since upgrading to i OS6, you’re not alone.

All you need to do to fix this is to completely remove and re-add the account.

It also makes it easy to setup and maintain a one inbox approach. Don’t worry if you need to make a change down the road, though. You should begin forwarding messages into this primary account. If you’re using an alternate Gmail account, you can do this by clicking on the gear icon in Gmail, clicking on Settings and then clicking on the and add your primary email account.

It takes some effort, but if you ever find that you need to move from one primary account to another, you can always use a service like Backupify’s Migrator for Google Apps to move your data from one Google Apps account to another. You will need to confirm that you own this address by email.

All of my messages come in to a single inbox, but the replies seem as if they come from the original account with no extra work on my end (after the initial setup, that is).

I was even able to set up a filter that automatically labels the emails (for example all of the various customer emails share a “Customer Service” label), while I rarely use this, it occasionally comes in handy.

When I started adopting Getting Things Done and Inbox Zero, I decided to consolidate my numerous email accounts.

For a few, this meant wrapping them up or forwarding them along, never to think of the account again.

Mailbox just added Gmail domain aliases in a recent update.

Click on settings, select your email account and choose Gmail Aliases.

My preferred apps are Mailplane on the Mac and Mailbox on i OS.