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Beau Bennett (Elliott) was not an easy father to grow up with, and both of his sons — the prodigal Colt (Ashton Kutcher, ostensibly 's lead actor) and good son Rooster (Danny Masterson) — have their own scars as a result.

Disappointment and regret are themes that resonate throughout the work of co-creator (with Jim Patterson) Don Reo, and this series could be his fullest expression of them.

What it is is an occasionally effective (but always daring) sitcom, filmed before a live studio audience and packed with smutty jokes.

, which debuted the first 10 episodes of its 20-episode first season April 1 and will debut the remaining 10 episodes later in the year.

Similarly, Colt might be a dolt, but the show is genuinely sympathetic to the fact that his dreams of playing professional football didn't work out, leaving him with no recourse but to return to the little town he thought he'd left behind forever.

Rooster, meanwhile, struggles to manage the resentment he feels toward his younger, more popular brother.

Add to this the uncertainty of an agricultural life, the way it's tied to the whims of nature, and you wind up with a recipe for a show that frequently concludes that you can never quite be sure what will make you happiest.

Indeed, one of 's recurring themes is that whatever happiness you do achieve will ultimately evaporate.

It's all surprisingly heady stuff for a show where Sam Elliott makes fun of Uggs, but in its best moments, it feels consistent and richly constructed. The show occasionally lurches between its wildly different tones, awkwardly speckling dramatic scenes with bad jokes and vice versa.