Start Craig owens and ashlee simpson dating

Craig owens and ashlee simpson dating

She’s not seen as “,” and Pete was supposedly begging her to reconsider.

They were photographed together and Star Magazine claims that Ashlee somehow seduced this guy, as if guys need seducing usually. The mag has three pix of Ashlee and Craig hanging out together, and apparently they were seen holding hands at the Beverly Center Mall, and they even kissed on the lips.

In Novemeber 2008, the couple had their first child together, Bronx, who is nearly 4 years old.

Two years later the couple split and finalized their divorce in November 2011.

Here are two reports on this, from Ashlee Simpson-Wentz has been seeing Craig Owens from the band D. (There’s a lot of teenage behavior in the tabloids this week.) But Ash & Owen better watch out.

A family “friend” says Ashlee’s dad Joe is “looking for a professional athlete for his little girl to date.” – as told by Jezebel Ashlee Simpson is having a “revenge romance” with Craig Owens, a longtime friend of Pete Wentz.

“They were holding hands in the elevator, and a lot of the time had his arm around her,” a source tells the mag about Ashlee and Craig’s recent trip to Los Angeles’ Beverly Center Mall. It was obvious they were a couple.” It sounds like puppy love between the two — but Craig’s actions suggest he could be totally falling for Ashlee.

released its first album on Pete’s record label, Decaydance.

That album, and its follow-up I Am Me (2005), reached the top of the album chart.