Start Dating swinging circumcised

Dating swinging circumcised

Psychological Trauma Though some claim the physical pain of circumcision is quickly forgotten, the emotional scars last a lifetime.

Second, the injections of local anesthesia are very painful in and of themselves.

And finally, studies show that local anesthesia does NOT significantly reduce the adrenal cortisol (stress) response.

Beautiful, brand-new, innocent baby boys are being brutally tortured every 25 seconds in the United States. That’s what circumcision is – torture, sexual assault, genital mutilation, unconscionable child abuse, and one of the most egregious violations of human rights in history.

I understand that this blog post is going to make a lot of people angry and uncomfortable and maybe cost me a few friendships, but that is not my intent.

Various disturbing mental images and intense feelings often accompany the reemergence of this body memory, including the feeling of sharp metallic instruments cutting into one’s flesh …

the sense of being overpowered by big people, being alone and helpless, feelings of terror, and a sense of paralysis and immobilization.” Keep in mind that a boy is usually circumcised within his first few days, or even hours, of life.

Psychiatrist John Rhinehart describes the “silent” or “sleep-like” reaction as follows: Since he can’t “fight, flee or freeze” – his natural instincts in a threatening situation – the only defense mechanism a baby being circumcised has left is “shock defense, which consists of central nervous system flooding by terror, rage, and finally numbing, paralysis, and dissociation; this is his last chance to control the high level of central nervous system activation, which might otherwise result in death.” “Watchinig videotapes of neonates being circumcised portrays this clearly to the aware eye.

The so-called ‘quiet’ after circumcision is more likely a state of dissociation in response to the overwhelming pain and terror than it is a state of peaceful relaxation.” And that brings us to…

He’s been comfortable, warm and protected in his mother’s womb for nine months.

It’s possible the only person he is aware of is the woman who’s been nursing him, holding him, kissing him and whispering sweet nothings into his ear.

And these are just videos posted by medical professionals for training purposes.