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Your team definitely showed that they are a shining jewel in the crown of Heartland Hospice.” -Family member of hospice patient, Baltimore, MD “Six months ago, Andrea walked through my door and my life was forever changed.

I just thank God that I didn't have any major complications and that me and my baby was covered by His blood.

Needless to say that I haven't been back to his practice since I delivered. Edmonds delivered my baby in April 2008 and throughout my prenatal care Dr. If any of this story is true I don't see why a professional the licensed Dr would leave without having an assistant to deliver.

We depend on our hospice volunteers to help us provide the love, respect and care our patients and their families need.

Our volunteers help enrich the lives of our patients by: To become a hospice volunteer, click here to download and complete the volunteer form on a desktop computer.

We will contact you once the form has been received. Become a part of our team and join us on our mission to provide patient-centered care.

Click on the link below for a list of current openings at this location.

I was later told from his office 3 weeks before delivery that he was delivering at South Fulton and repairs were being made to Crawford Long I was skeptical of the situation and hospital as a whole. Later had to get a recircumsion by a pediatric urologist because it was incomplete by Dr. I would have had better respect if there was honesty in service. He was always there when i needed him when i was in pain during my pregnant.