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Wine on a date does not mean I want to sleep with you.

The Virtual Yarrow Stalks I Ching seeks to duplicate this by having the user click on a group of virtual yarrow stalks of varying widths.

Done without conscious effort, this is much closer to using real yarrow stalks than is instructing the computer to generate numbers.

This is not unlike the flip of a coin, which is how many people consult the I Ching.

But the yarrow stalk method, in addition to an element of randomness, involves a volitional act on the part of the user, in the division of the stalks into two groups.

Windows users: you can change the extension from to to simplify the display. The Fractal I Ching generates hexagrams using a simple fractal algorithm. A major focus of the work is the contrast between the ancient bronze age oracle, which ironically we have learned about mostly during the last hundred years; and the book of wisdom which grew by accretion over two millenia, and which many people today are the most familiar with.

An example of the difference is the word heng or xiang, which is usually rendered as success or fortune in familiar-sounding translations.

Includes three translations: Wilhelm/Baynes, Nigel Richmond, and Gregory C. Besides consulting the I Ching, you may look up the results of previous consultations by entering either line numbers, such as 888697; or hexagram and moving line references, such as 20:4,5 or 20-35.

The advanced results include the Chu Hsi and Nanjing rules of oracle selection, basic line relationships, nuclear trigrams, steps of change, transitional hexagrams, fan yao, patterns of change, anti-hexagram, King Wen counterpart, correctness hexagram, balance hexagram, shadow site, reversed trigrams, core trigrams, alternating trigrams, and ascending hexagrams.

I like conversation, the promise of a future relationship and, essentially, learning about a new person. I like dressing up, the anticipation of a planned evening and that final spritz of perfume before dancing out the door, just late enough to be mysterious.

I am also grateful for the fact that I live in a country where, as a woman, I have the opportunity to do all of the above and more, if I so choose. Not in a “I’ve got to down the bottle, oops, now let’s order more and be sloppy,” kind of a way, but in a “It’s Friday night and I want to chill and relax” fashion.

Apparently, if you are female, sane, funny, friendly and all the other good things one can be, at the close of a first date, it’s natural to just go home with your companion, even though this might be the first time you’ve ever been out together. And just because the woman (myself) in question has a couple of glasses of wine, it doesn’t mean that I am willing to go to the far reaches of Manhattan, nor does my enjoyment of said wine mean that I am “loose” and want to.