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Success at expressing anal glands at home depends on your ability, the disposition of the dog and the nature of the anal gland problem.

Imagine tiny balloons filled with dead fish perfume emptying into your dog’s butt just as he’s pooping, ready to squirt liquid onto already smelly poop. Hunting, mating and actual survival depend on marking territory.

Research done in Kenya has shown that hyenas smear their “hyena butter” (anal gland excretions) over grass stalks. By sniffing the “butter,” hyenas can discriminate clan-mates from strangers, males from females, and even sniff out pregnant or lactating females.

I’m glad I wear glasses.) I am in the “leave normal anals alone” camp. Expressing anal glands for most dogs is unpleasant, and it requires some skill.

Doing a routine rectal exam means making sure there is no pain, no growths, no prostate issues in males, good sphincter tone and normal anal glands. In my opinion, including an anal gland expression with a puppy cut is like your hairdresser asking you if you would like a rectal with your highlights.

But along with skill comes judgment of what is normal and abnormal.

If your dog needs this procedure done frequently, there’s usually a problem, and your vet should also be monitoring the medical issue.

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anal glands, just as we don’t need our appendix — but these unnecessary structures can still get diseased and cause havoc.

Occasionally, anal glands become infected, leading to anal gland abscess or sacculitis. Chronic diarrhea, constipation or bacterial overgrowth inside that gland can cause an infection, or your dog continually rubbing or licking the area may add to an abscess.

The material in the gland becomes abnormal, often bloody.

The vast majority of dogs will be able to empty anal glands on their own.