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Speed dating dinner

It can be really scary and difficult for them to be single again after years of marriage.” Which is why Davis says her club is so important.

Except on this particular night, I had a heightened sense of anxiety: Instead of going on just one date, I was going on four. Up until this point, speed dating had seemed like a myth to me.

My only knowledge of the practice came from scenes in Sex and the City and The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

Allen was hoping the luck would run in the family, and as he chatted with me, two women sitting nearby looked on, hanging on his every word.

I retreated back to the dating area just in time to begin.

Each one has a space for the dates’ names, along with a list of topics to discuss, such as movie preferences and recreational activities.

Nowhere on the sheet did I find a place for a phone number or a last name.

Davis said the Over 40 group is where she sees the most action.

Members of this age group often have more problems meeting singles like themselves.

And at the end of five minutes, it was almost a struggle for Davis to get the daters to move on.

Davis rang a Bavarian cowbell that was given to her by a German exchange student, which signaled the women to move clockwise to the next table in the circle.

“I have everyone write down their possible matches.