Start Are black dating sites racist

Are black dating sites racist

They launched their business with a big-ass billboard in their hometown of Salt Lake City, where the population is more than 90% white.

What they are saying is there are not dating sites which are only for white people.

These niggers if there were a dating site for whites only they would cry racism because they are excluded, yet they feel they are allowed to make their own dating site and exclude others and that is what the complaint is about.

A billboard showing a beaming Caucasian woman with a smiling Caucasian man with his arms wrapped around her from behind against a romantic pink-fade-to-purple background would likely have gone unnoticed by Utah freeway drivers as an advertisement any other online dating website—except this one was called Where White People

Even though the dating site’s founder, Sam Russell, adamantly denied a racist objective to Where White People, it’s not difficult to see how it could become a hotbed for white nationalists or, conversely, those who enjoy trolling them. But when The Daily Beast asked how someone seeking a same-sex relationship on Where White People could logistically search for dates, Russell admitted that “In reality, it’s probably not easy, but at the same time there are hundreds of dating websites for people to go to for whatever it is they want.

If they cry racism over every little thing they should leave our country and go back home.

Yet if there was an all white dating site the niggers would cry racism, that is the whole point and you are missing it Deezil. I can't creat a WET, or White people or anything that would segregate any race from involvement.

He stressed that anyone 18 and over can join and was absolutely not opposed to interracial relationships. It may not be a site for them [gay men and lesbians], and I get it. That’s their choice.” The 53-year-old from Utah runs a car dealership as his prime job, but decided to create Where White People when he was home sick watching daytime television with his wife, Jodi, and noticed a slew of advertisements for race- and religion-specific websites.