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That’s why history is also called fiction of varying truth-ness and falsity and plausibility (said Michel Montesquieu).

We live in a world that is demanding our understanding of the semiotics and cybernetics of the self; to understand how to read ourselves and the world within and outside of us; to construct, deconstruct, and reconstruct our inner and outer worldviews; to see life as a complex process of authoring of the self and re-authoring our world that is constantly shifting; to have a sense of what the ‘core’ is if there is indeed one; to see linearity and multi-dimensionality of our invented realities as one; to see ourselves as an organic mechanism of a grand narrative with multiple subplots with no narrative structure and as a complex novel with no plot but a story begging to be told - of joys and suffering and meaning and meaninglessness; to see chaos as a beautiful pattern of randomness; to master the art of being a metaphysical anarchist that will use the sense of being to resist the hegemonising power individuals, institutions, and ideology to dominate and destroy the self; ... to LIVE, LOVE, LIBERATE and DIE LAUGHING at TYRANTS, TOTALITARIAN REGIMES, AND THEOCRACIES.

We must teach our children to rewrite history, to question claims of vainglory, feudal ideology, and next, to have them write their own history closest to their own family pride and memory. Of the stories of the ancient sultans’ lust for sex, power, and money?

And today - haven’t we seen enough of the hypocrisy of the rulers of the so-called Islamic countries?

Let us introduce ourselves to you about who Befrienders are.

Tuah would not have been Hang Ketuat (one with a calloused brain and lowly mental capacity) by following the order of the sleazy sultan of Malacca who is not worth being remembered as a Malay ruler.

How else can our children explain that a sultan can do no wrong by ordering his laksamana to abduct Tun Teja in Pahang so that the ruler can satisfy his lust - just because he has the power to order his fools around?

The Befrienders is a non profit organization modeled after Samaritans, a movement started in London in 1953.

Since then, the movement has spread to about 40 countries and now has 300 centers around the world Who Are The Befrienders? You can tell any Befriender how you feel and why everything is so bad.

Herein lies the need to give out children in school the tools to interrogate history and to craft their own understanding of what happened in history, who wrote the narratives, and how we should craft our own heroes.

We should teach them to ugliness of the feudal culture and the immoral inner-workings of the Malacca Sultanate. live free - or die happy in the hands of the State and religious, cultural, or any ideology ...

I’d say we must stop trying to even prove that the useless ancient Malay sultans were descendants of Alexander of Macedonia.