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"Being a swimmer [and] a promising diver, [he had] advanced to the varsity team at the end of his sophomore year. unmistakably a jock." And up until a snowy Thursday he was happy, popular, full of self-esteem and an overall good kid who worked very hard to be the best he could possibly be. He doesn't understand why the man is fussing with the vents, and the heat and the radio, all to please Darren who really just wants to get home. Tracy tells Darren that he, too, was a swimmer of sorts and a novice diver who never competed: "I don't have the physical equipment, as it's called. Very impressive." He keeps up a steady patter of praise for Darren mixed with the kinds of comments that could be interpreted as having a sexual overtone.

As was a habit of his, he ignored the caller ID and just answered."Hello? He often became panicked, and needed to be soothed by whoever was around, and so he was pretty sure that no matter what, he would be thrilled when this whole situation was over.

It is an excellent read, in its fast-paced style and novella form.

*BZZZZ* *BZZZZ*Bradley Steven Perry, the young actor, gave a confused little mumble as he answered his phone, not thinking that anyone would be calling him today. The two had become very good friends, so Bradley was not totally surprised to get a call from him. But yeah, I gotta do the same so I'l Can't I make you smile? Being in his last month of pregnancy, he sort of had an excuse. For the past week, Cody could not stop thinking of what he was going to go through in the near future.

She asks readers to think about how trust is earned, then broken; how sometimes loyalty seems like an abstract notion; how friendship is tested in times of crisis; and how rumors can poison the lives of the innocent. The thing was how Darren would think of it, afterward. Tracy fell into step beside [him] on their way out of the building …

The story is about Darren Flynn, a sixteen-year-old high school student who is also a local hero as he moves from adolescence into manhood. [he] was sexy, but shy." No one would question that "he was a guy's guy … then outside Darren saw with a sinking heart how bad the weather had turned … From the first, [he] was feeling uncomfortable." He is shocked to learn that this teacher knows where he lives. In the water you boys are fast and graceful as torpedo fish.

The question raised is: when does simple affection, respect and encouragement morph into improper advances?

The themes of SEXY reflect so much of what is going on in the real world.

was in his late twenties with a narrow, pasty face, glittering studs in his earlobes … Darren glanced up to see in the mirror the gay-boy looking at him with what appeared to be a sly, snaky little smile and pink tongue between his lips, and a flame passed over Darren's brain … wasn't me." Even when the police come looking for him he is convincing himself … Somebody else, not me." And he begins to sensitize himself to every word and find a double meaning in the nuances of everyday language.