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Autoupdatingcurrentlocale ios

The most recent date/time bug that I ran into was in i OS application.

By default, this property indicates the user's current locale, which is usually the behavior you want, but you can instead set it to another locale instance to obtain a different output.

See Data Formatting Guide for more information about working with formatters.

This is the code I wrote for an application, you could extend it to your need.

You can inspect a locale by reading its properties, as listed in Getting Information About a Locale.

It will never cease to amaze me how difficult it is to correctly handle times and dates in computer applications.

For a concept that is so widely used by just about every person on the planet, it is truly sad how many bugs I have seen due to improper use of date/time libraries.

You can access the client context in your lambda function as follows.

To invoke AWS Lambda function from your mobile app, you can leverage Amazon Cognito as the credential provider. Amazon Cognito assigns each user a unique Identity ID.

A valid JSON object must have the following properties: When invoked through the SDK, AWS Lambda functions have access to the data about the device and the app using the Client Context class.

When you use Amazon Cognito as a credential provider, access to the end user identity is available using the Identity Context class.

The important thing to know is that, in most cases, you want to use lowercase “y” for the year component of your date format string.