Start Asking for phone number online dating

Asking for phone number online dating

It is quite legitimate to express your wishes, just as it is quite legitimate to say no.

Maybe you are hesitant because you are concerned for your safety and don’t want to give up your anonymity - both of which are important factors.

If you are basically prepared to talk on the phone, then give your mobile phone number rather than a landline number which appears in the phone book.

While you probably don’t have any doubts about the genuine intentions of the other person, you still might not be quite comfortable with giving out your number or ringing them.

If that’s the case, then say so: it doesn’t mean that everything is necessarily going to come to an end.

” 14% of women and 4% of men just turn things round by asking the other person for their number.

So, Karen, you’re not the only person who’s unsure about things.

Only one in ten women would be happy to give out her number, while the figure for men was 37%, so the field’s wide open for women who are ready to get chatting on the phone!

Around a third of both men and women are not sure how they would react, preferring to base their decision on how interested they were in the person asking for their number - so if you are keen to get talking to your recommended partners, make sure your profile pushes the right buttons and think of something more original to say in your email than: “Could you give me your number?

The good news is that you can save it as a template and use it over and over again (just remember to change her name, Skippy). Also, please note that any response which does not contain the physical digits themselves is a NO.

Take a little bit of time putting together a brief paragraph asking for her number. If she doesn’t give it to you, cease all contact with her IMMEDIATELY and move on.

Men who ask for your number shouldn’t take a refusal too badly: it won’t be the first time they’ve been turned down on this one.