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Gently (very gently at first) roll the ball into shape with your hands.

When the ball is very firm, rinse it in cold water to remove the soap.

Remove excess water by rolling the ball on a towel, and roll it tightly in your hands to make the final shape (but don’t squeeze).

This project requires no more than dishwashing liquid, warm water, warm hands and carded wool.

Often called “wool roving,” carded wool can be purchased at local farms, craft stores or online through local or national distributors.

La Ruleta es uno de los juegos más populares en casinos on line.

La razón de esto consiste en que jugar en Ruleta es divertido y simple. De las dos, ud debe siempre intentar jugar en Ruletas Europeas donde las chances son mejores (no hay doble cero).

Remnant wool roving may be purchased online from Peace Fleece and Halcyon Yarn—check out their “Bagettes” and “Babooshka Soup”—a random mix of remnant wool batts and pencil (thin) roving.