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The resurrection of the debate about teenage sex following reports of a 14-year-old girl in Malacca who had multiple partners reminds me of one night in 1997.

I asked them a slew of questions while driving the car to the station. Which brings me to the present slew of youngsters caught in “underage sex” as some tabloids love to scream (accompanied by grainy images of schoolchildren in uniform engaging in unsanctioned extra-curricular activities.) Although there was mutual consent, the police have in some of these matters treated the issue as a crime more than a social problem.

Unless one party was forced and there was a clear case of rape, what good are we doing for these children – the boys included – by treating them as criminals?

Should they not be counselled and protected, instead of interrogated and punished?

also cited Health Ministry statistics this year that showed 28.8 per cent of 13,831 teenagers aged between 10 and 19, or 3,980 girls, had children out of wedlock.

Teen pregnancies were most common in Sabah at 3,084 cases, followed by Sarawak (2,910), Selangor (1,461), Johor (1,319) and Pahang (940).

“In fact, the Family Health Development Division of the Health Ministry also reported that 18,000 pregnant teenagers had received services at government health clinics a year from 2011 to 2013,” Rose Lena was quoted saying.

“As much as 25 per cent of those cases were unmarried and on average, 1,500 teen pregnancies are recorded a month and 50 cases a day throughout the country,” she added.

Now these motorcycles needed to be taken back to the Jalan Bandar Traffic Police Headquarters; and the dozen or so arrested youths and men needed to be accompanied to the police station and processed. Their answers were at first monosyllabic, they became chattier when the policewoman asked them to answer my queries as she also wanted to know the answers.