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However, these procedures can dramatically change how a woman perceives her own attractiveness.

It is a simple fact that men have shorter life expectancies than women, resulting in a large number of older widowed or single women.

Sex and orgasms bring both emotional and physical benefits.

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Do not assume that an older sexual partner is a safe sexual partner. If you or your partner are having sexual difficulties, talk to your doctor.

There may be simple solutions to your problems such as changing the time of day that you take a medication or making lifestyle changes.

Losing weight, exercising and eating well will not only improve your health, your sex life will also improve.

As women age, they may need to undergo surgical procedures that alter the reproductive organs.

Also, arthritis and other pain conditions are often less severe at certain times a day, which will vary for each person. We live in a culture that is constantly showing us images of youth and beauty.

As women age, they may feel less sexually attractive, which can interfere with sexual desire.

If you have a health condition, be sure to the manage it.