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Dating with picture

When you buy a new car, do you not suddenly begin to notice all of the other cars like yours on the road?

As much as it may seem that your date is determined to detect your dentures, that’s almost certainly not the case. Everything is sort of a blur, you can’t really focus on too much at once.

Your date may notice you have an attractive smile but I doubt they have the time or even the opportunity to fully inspect the situation. When someone laughs, can you detect strange things going on with their palate? I know the denture palate is smooth and unnatural but this is not something that can be easily detected when someone is laughing.

If anyone inspects anything while you are laughing, they will probably just end up admiring the fact that you don’t have cavities. Back to the cavity situation, would you call someone out for having a cavity? When most people imagine their date possibly discovering that they wear dentures, they don’t really delve too much into possible scenarios. If your date discovered that you wore dentures, what exactly are they going to do with that information? My husband is a sweetheart and would never want to make me feel uncomfortable. Why would he say, “Yeah, I felt a bunch of plastic and it was weird”? So, being the gentleman that he is, he’s always stood firm in his position: he can’t feel a thing, whether he can or can’t. If your date can feel something, what are they going to do? Well, in this situation, they might… but that would mean they must not have been very into the kiss if they would disrupt it with a boatload of questions about your mouth. As with kissing, the only scenario you have to worry about is if you have a problem with loose dentures.

If they ask you about it, they risk looking sort of nutty. Consider it courtesy that they are not wasting your time. Your dentures aren’t going to “hurt” anyone, if that’s what you’re worried about. If you appear to be self-conscious, that is the vibe you are going to let off.

No, they aren’t copying you—you have just become more aware of their presence now that you have one.

Most people are not on the look-out for denture wearers.

I’ve exchanged messages with those who either were discovered or had to come clean after years and years of being with their partner.

It may seem insignificant to you, but it could really make the other party feel betrayed in a sense.

Some just aren’t eager to get into the “denture dialogue” before they’ve even gotten to know the potential mate.

I am an open book and never shy away at the chance to tell others about my experience—but there are times even I am like, “Ugh, I really don’t feel like getting into it”.

So most likely, they will not really acknowledge it. If they do call you back, obviously your denture is not a problem. If you are insecure about your dentures, it may be apparent that something is off about you.