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Jorja fox george eads dating

Oh, sure, at first they were just little social guy kisses but as the evening wore on (and the liquor continued to flow) you'd think it was a blue light special-no coupon required.

For "not having a dog in this hunt", you're always monitoring the threads about George Eads sexuality...claimiing that he's straight, LOLGo back to Talk CSI.

I don't exactly watch CSI but isn't it one of the most watched shows on TV or something?

When CSI won at SAG Awards, George didn't kiss the beard; he waited for Eric Szmanda on stage and dry-humped him on live TV. Don't forget that George was fired from CSI in 2004. I think Szmanda may have a male partner, and Eads could be gay and bearding, but there seems to be more a cult of hope that they were ever real life partners than it actually being so.