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La humanidad esta atravesando un momento histórico, debemos actuar YA antes de que sea demasiado tarde.

Por ejemplo ¿Sabía que debido al congelamiento y descongelamiento, los suelos del páramo se van moviendo y disgregando en arenales?

El frailejón, evita la erosión, ayuda a estabilizar el suelo e impiden que los ríos acumulen mayor cantidad de sedimentos.

Mientras las autoridades deciden prestar atención al problema, los frailejones de Usme –que crecen cerca de un centímetro por año– seguirán agonizando hasta su extinción.

Home base jobs -- Irfan, Shah, 02/14/10 Sun (1.140) I Was also So Tense About Generating Some Dollars Online and I Started Searching ONline But One Day I Reached a Place, There They Mentioned a List Of Home Business Opportunities That DAY I Was So Glad Cause i joined More Then One Online Money Making Opportunities and I Even Started Earning The same day for free.(good luck and have nice earnings there). Right before her eyes her parents were killed, then turned on Moriyah to do horrible things. For the next five years of her life she worked harder than ever, but when she hit eighteen, her master saw her with a new light. Her father abandoned Mowen, her mother, and her two younger brothers when she was eight years old. For two years, Mowen and her brothers lived with a family who treated them very cruelly; the parents beat them, the son taunted them, and the daughter often played cruel tricks on them. Slightly pale skin, slightly lighter than pigment of hair. Talented with a long bow, she has become a respected warrior.

El lugar, antes rebosante de frailejones, es ahora la guarida de quienes han quemado y aplastado esta planta, vital para los páramos, con el fin de levantar cambuches de lata.

Los frailejones además de ser un ecosistema en sí mismo, en sus diversas especies, cumple funciones.

Juan Carlos León, del departamento de ambiente de la alcaldía local, habló como vocero y aceptó que tienen conocimiento de las invasiones y del impacto ambiental que están generando, pero explicó que algunos factores como amenazas y la demora en los procesos de reubicación frenan una efectiva intervención.

Ambas respuestas, la de la Secretaría y la alcaldía local, encargadas de proteger estas zonas ambientales, dejan a la deriva el futuro de los pocos frailejones que sobreviven y, más grave aún, no aclaran que vaya a haber un control a las invasiones que siguen proliferando en la zona.

-- Kitana, 04/16/02 Tue (.144) Name: Kitana Pronunciation: KIT-t ON-a Gender: Female Age: 19.8 (nineteen years & eight months) Race: Kind of a mutt really-a cross between an Elf and a Shapeshifter(Elven/dragon/cat) Appearence-1st Form(Normal)Elf: Tall(5'11), lithe, slender but well muscled; hair-deep red; eyes-usually green but change with her moods; sharply pointed ears; light tan year round -2nd Form: Tall(5'11), lithe, slender but well muscled; hair=deep red; eyes=usually green but change with her moods; pale complextion; sharply pointed ears; fur along forearms, ankles and around her neck; long, sharp nails; leathery wings-each 3' long Strengths: Agility, strength, stealth, defense, highly intelligent, Magick Class: Mage Ability: Fire Magick Weaknesses: her heart-she tends to be a romantic and a matchmaker; her wings are very fragile and rip easily; her short, fierce temper have put many inocent people in danger Personality: She is somewhat adventurous, with a commanding presence, though being careful, untrusting, and somewhat reserved when meeting new people-and even old friends-has served her well in the past. She wandered to this land, now a shadow of what she once was. ~Elven maiden enters~ -- Mowen, 01/02/02 Wed ( Name: Mowen Age: 18 Race: Elf Appearance: Thin and bony. When she was seventeen, he was killed in battle and so she set off on her own. He led a life to become a Paladin and to clean out those who dared to attack innocent people.

She is generally kind and sweet and always has a ready grin when you prove yourself worthy to her. She wears a brown leather type of belly-button top, with a leather skort. Shoulder-length red hair and blue eyes that seem to hold the endless wisdoms of the universe inside them. Personality: Good at heart, although she is a loner. Mowen had always had different ideas from those around her, especially when it came to philosphy and religion, and many didn't appreciate her aethism and heresy. Whatever else you want to include: Flamberge *Two-handed wavy-blade sword - no advantages.

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