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Xeyx viddo muui

This version of Windows does not support standby like android counterparts as you press the power button it will be on standby mode and not consuming battery.

This tablet debuted together with it's sibling the Mipad 2 MIUI v7.0 running on Android 5.1 last November 2015.

But due to some delays, the Windows 10 Edition was just released recently together with the Redmi Note 3 Pro this February 2016 and we are lucky enough to get a first crack at it.

Microsoft Word and Excel are pretty easy to use, streaming video and playing our favorite music are simply perfect.

We also run some online games and it responded pretty well.

The screen size is 7.0 inches with aresolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels, this is almost identical as the Ipad Mini 4.

On the rear view you have the 8 Megapixel rear camera and the two speaker grills.

The operating system is not just any tablet edition, it is the full Windows 10 edition packed inside the Mi Pad 2!