Start Mirchi shiva in va quarter cutting tamil movie

Mirchi shiva in va quarter cutting tamil movie

Soon as the agent imposes certain strict conditions of not consuming alcohol in Dubai, his emotional outbreaks urges him to gulp at least quarter cutting.

Also, it may be recalled that the Tamil Nadu government has recently issued a clarification on tax exemption given to films.

It could have done well even at 100mins and few characterizations are purposeless.

Shiva’s comical liners are the greatest highlights. Aaana Avangalukku Adhavida Mokka Cards’ uttered in a hilarious way. Lekha Washington’s character as 12th attempt is good, but her character doesn’t hold much substantiality.

It maybe a human emotion as Shiva admits at the beginning of film or just a creative imagination.

Don’t expect much from this film or lookout for logics.

Directors Pushkar-Gayathri has implemented an interesting concept over the script papers.

But they could have packaged the entire show into a shorter duration.

The filmmakers have played spoofs on ‘Sura’ and ‘Singam’ through the dialogues.