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Noel fielding is dating

His peroxide-blond hair has half an inch of black roots and he wears a scruffy T-shirt and tight hipster trousers. Sorry about the music — it’s about to make our heads explode.’.

There’s no way you’re going to sleep for hours, so you’re going to drink because it’s the only thing that brings you down. Russell [Brand] was quite explicit about wanting it and he could handle it, but I couldn’t really.’Barratt hated the attention and didn’t want to be famous.

The resulting fracas hit the headlines and contributed to muttered rumours that Fielding was ‘a nasty piece of work’.

All of which is hard to square with the genial bloke making coffee and enthusing about early 1950s US TV comedian Sid Caesar.

It’s so easy to just have another party, and only get up for the sound check. “When you get famous it takes some time to realise it isn’t going to be good.” Fielding, who lives with XFM presenter Lliana Bird in Hampstead, now has his own E4 show, Luxury Comedy, which is in its second series.