Start Jacking off chatrooms

Jacking off chatrooms

I was lucky in that I didn't lose ALL of my capital and just maintained my funds.

I was long RIMM overnight the night it gapped up $10 and ran another $13 for a one day total of $23 , and I was long TASR overnignt last night when it gapped up 6 points and then ran another 10 for a one day gain of $16. I kept telling them what you said but they would not listen.

I have been a successful trader, that has traded for a living for many years, and you have made me a lot better trader. David Frank Hello Dan, Just wanted to let you know about one of the stories your responsible for.... Your seminars and newsletters have guided me to make over a million dollars and keep it as well.

My parents are celebrating their 47th Wedding Anniversary today and I had the great pleasure of letting them know that I had surpassed $1,000,000.00 in profits year to date..... Just wanted to say thanks for all the dreams you have allowed me to turn into reality... Dan, You've been KILLING it lately- and I've been right there with you. I tell all of my trader buddies about your service. I have invested with a broker for the last 30 years and have not made $30,000. Per your advice to buy Tasr stock, I started to buy Tasr (options) on April 9 and today April 16 2004, I have a $90,000 profit on these TASR options. I started with your newsletter, knowing nothing about how the market works.

I look forward to many more months and years of trading and investing with you.

Luca After looking at our phenomenal gains this past 2 weeks in our Chartpattern portfolio, we just had to send you another "thank you"! To buy CMRC, I sold my NETE - which is the one that you helped me make 800 % on.. (I wish I could've afforded PHCM on the same day-- that one went up $24 today.) Unbelievable! Dan, I just wanted to thank you for helping me to achieve my best trade to date.

Anyway, ended up nicely --- 200% gain for the year and very happy.

Got your letter tonight, am mainly in cash and will watch on the sidelines or with some breakdown shorts...

Thanks so much for the service; I know you dont need to do this to make a living.