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I told only two of my closest friends and worried about telling my parents.

Shannon Scrivens can remember every detail of her first sexual encounter with another woman: the vodka she had beforehand to release her inhibitions; the smell of jasmine perfume; the David Bowie album that played in the background.

She describes the moment afterwards when, hurriedly putting her clothes back on before her mother returned from work, she and her female friend agreed what had happened would not ruin their otherwise platonic relationship.

So what has sparked this staggering shift in the sexual tastes of our younger generation?

Feeling unsure can be unsettling and the need to define who you are can be just as confusing.

Despite the trend for girls to upload pictures to social media of themselves kissing other girls, Shannon is adamant that her flirtations with females are genuine and not as a result of peer pressure or for the titillation of men.

Last month, Shannon started studying English at the University of Salford in Manchester, where the liberal sexual landscape is in stark contrast to her home town and, she says, ‘literally everyone is bisexual’.‘Older women are more caring.

‘When I was a teenager, homosexuality was kept quiet and bisexuality wasn’t even mentioned as a concept,’ says Tina, a carer.‘Our classmates thought my friend’s bisexuality was weird and I was shy and worried what people would think, so I pushed the thought away.