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Answer: Bible The Exeter Book contains the Old English poems known as the 'Elegies': The Wanderer (fol.

The Exeter Book is the largest known collection of Old English literature still in existence.

UNESCO recognized this book as one of the "world's principal cultural artifacts".

Between their square shaped, wicker basket, Instagrammable aesthetic and their mouth burning/stimulating flavour – they're the end of the night go to if you want fairy lights and to eat your body weight in cheap carbs. If you get dragged to the Lemon Grove, get ready for sticky shoes and a throwback to the school disco days; packed with thirsty university students and empty VK bottles. You'll learn a lot about us just from knowing which floor we dance on in Time Piece.

If we invite you to Exeter Castle, don't worry - it's more of a place to take a potential suitor than a hotspot for medieval culture.10.

Never take us on a date to The Ottery St Mary's Barrel Run, unless you want us to think you're trying to make us have a near death experience.

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