Start 17 dating a 23 year old

17 dating a 23 year old

She's a teenager, your a legal (drinking age) adult.

If the boy/girl goes to a different state he can be prosecuted depending on the age of consent there.

He will need to be careful When you say he will need to be careful, are you referring to another state's law or if his girlfriend goes to another state or they go together to another state????

I mean it could be that he's not meeting the right women but I can sympathize with him a little bit. If he thinks a lot of girls his age at 22 have kids, wait until he's older.

I'm 38 and cant' find a SINGLE person without kids to save my life.

Grrr I'm sorry I had wrote a rather lengthy post but for some reason it won't show all of it.

Anyways is it so wrong to date someone in my category as long as no sex is involved?

In my opinion I'd rather be single than date someone who is either fresh out of high school or still in high school. When I was 21 there was a 17 year old girl I worked with who had a thing for me. And the only reason I even entertained the thought at all was because other women (especially ones my own age) wanted nothing to do with me. I've tried to date people my own age honestly, but the problem is, once you hit my age in your 20's, it is VERY difficult to find people that aren't pregnant or already have someone else's kid(S).