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Chappu hard xxx photo

Reputed cultural centres and art centres in India and abroad seek to be recognised as coordinating centres for the Off-Campus Degree Programme.

Churches, including that of the CBCI’s National Biblical, Catechetical and Liturgical Centre [NBCLC] in Bangalore have been constructed exteriorly as well as interiorly — church art — to simulate Hindu temples.

The liturgy of the Novus Ordo Holy Mass has become so “Hinduised” in the name of inculturation that older Catholics are hard put to find any semblance of commonality with Masses celebrated before Vatican Council II or for a few blessed years post Vatican Council II.

“God is truth”- John , “Jesus is truth”- John 14:6, “Holy Spirit is truth”- John and the “Word of God is truth”- John .

My entire ministry is to lead people to worship God in spirit and truth (John ).

Our mission of preaching the Word of God all over xxx and xxx is in full swing. I am happy that you are also busy with your research and in cleansing the unwanted elements that have come into the body of Christ, the Church. All the other aspects like culture, language, traditional liturgies, etc are not expressions of faith.

It is the truth that we have to proclaim and accept and live in our lives.

[I]t is Kàlai Kàviri’s prime duty to bring the Church into the main stream of the Indian culture…