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He was well aware that he had an audience, and flashed a boyish smile my way every once in a while, which is to say he always seemed to look at me just before I looked away from him.

Rationally-speaking, it was a benign flirtation – to be sure, he was only three years more a boy than I am – but the longer it continued, the more inappropriate the future I silently predicted to myself became.

It is for this reason that I felt so strangely cared about as I laid on the concrete floor beside Kumaran – I wasn’t even allowed on his mat with him, being that it was still Friday – as evening set in, the two of us exhausted from having scaled a towering, stone monastery (barefoot, speaking of pain) together that afternoon.“Ah,” I said, doing my best not only to sound like I cared about, but that I understood what was happening in the program.

I didn’t, but I did want to be around Kumaran, even if we weren’t going to fuck that night.

Not even his longest-lasting, most obviously sexual glances or touches yesterday evening led to anything, I reminded myself as I walked up to the cabana, Lion beers in hand, just after night set in.

The definition of insanity is to do the same thing, but expect different results. Of course, it was nearly impossible to be completely guided by rational thoughts when it came to Kumaran, what with our meeting the previous morning having been so serendipitous.

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