Start Error in updating the agent time stamp file

Error in updating the agent time stamp file

Since the agent creates up to eleven 10MB log files in rotation, each with a date and time-stamp, we are able to troubleshoot some agent reporting issues for a substantial time after any event.

Alternatively, you can move the data that you suspect contains actual changes into a temporary folder in order to isolate it, and then perform the automatic conflict resolution as described above.

This guide is intended to help you troubleshoot and proactively collect information for a technical support request.

When troubleshooting issues with the Sysdig Monitor service or where the agent will not install or run, we may ask for multiple pieces of information.

Supplying as much information as possible with your request will help considerably in resolving your issue as quickly as possible.

In general, please detail the problem you are having, listing any errors you see (screenshots preferred) and supply the most recent log file covering the time period of the error or suspected anomaly.

Many times problems can be resolved by simply updating your Sysdig agent.

Please update your agent to make sure you are not troubleshooting a known issue.

The agent license count is available in the Settings See the FAQ to change the port number to 80 if 6666 is not available. Check for duplicate MAC addresses in your hosts, when the agent starts, an entry in the /opt/draios/logs/file reports the host's MAC: Compare the logged MAC address to any existing reporting agents in the Explore tab using the 'Hosts & Containers' hierarchy (Show feature). You can see the Sysdig agent key as configured in /opt/draios/etc/