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Especially harmful are meats that directly contribute to degenerative disease, not to mention the attendant costs of environmental devastation due to factory farming.” – Mary Vance, Terrain Magazine, April 2008, Essential Reads From England’s Funky Raw Magazine Weighing in at 562 pages, this is a very comprehensive resource directory for changing to a healthier and more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Mc Cabe argues that we derive the most molecularly useful nutrition by eating raw plant matter grown in natural sunlight.

I'll just pick out a few topics so you can see the range: baby care, bamboo, biking, biofuels, candles, communes, cosmetics, detox and fasting, electronics recycling, healing retreats, hemp farming, minerals, MSG, peace, protein, seeds, television, travel, yoga.

As this book was published in the USA, many of the resources are US specific, but it still has lots to offer if you are in the UK.

It contains over 500 pages of raw-volutionary information previously unavailable from any other single source.