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Kevin cheng niki chow dating

Kevin did not respond directly, but stressed 3 more times: "We didn't reconcile." Kevin claimed he has no time to be in a relationship at the present time.

Recently, the ex-golden couple reportedly has patched things back again.

Charmaine, who has no lack of suitors around her, sent a birthday gift to Kevin during his birthday in August.

Both parties are said to be in a stable relationship now, reports Asian Pop News.

An insider said, “Kevin still has feelings for Charmaine and he had thought of chasing her back.

In one of the games, the MC asked the question to Kevin: "Is Niki Chow your girlfriend?

" and quite instinctively, he raised the card for 'yes', causing a huge reaction from the crowd.

When asked if he personally accepts getting back together with his ex-girlfriends?

He made a reserved response: "I don't dare to confirm what will happen in the future, but at this moment, there is no reconciliation." It was said, Jenny was caught buying a T-back to seduce Kevin into getting back with her?

They often bumped into each other during work and would meet up for a meal occasionally. Now that they have met each other again, everyone is more matured now.

Their feelings are different from before and he has cherished her even more.

Source: Mingpao Translated by a Znangel @ Kevin Cheng stutters indirectly admits he dated Charmaine Sheh ' Triple Award TV King' Kevin Cheng had several romances, but has always handled them low-profile.