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Too busy dating

He's the only one of his siblings not married with children, and is similarly an outlier among his friends. R2's link is accompanied by a slide-show of him modeling suits, with accompanying prices.

Please, he doesn't need to have a string of fuck bunnies.

If he was truly 'family values' oriented, there are any number of Carrie Prejeans with their fake blond hair and their fake tits just waiting to walk off the pageant runway and into his bedroom.

An image is truly important to these public people and for a polititian it doesn't look good when one day he's in a relationship with one girl and the next day with another one.

I meet guys and go on dates but they always use my work schedule as an excuse to not continue dating.

The only problem with finding a girl from this particular group is going to be finding one who hasn't finger-banged herself on video or posed topless when she was young and foolish (which would have been about 4 months prior).

He's obviously highly concerned with looks and appearances, so he's going to be quite careful.

However, my dating life isn’t doing so well in the long run.